price: 40$ per car

1. Transfer service. Meeting at the airport and a getting you to your apartment driver. Our drivers are english-speaking and can help you with any situation you may encounter upon arrival

price: pay per check +25$ delivery fee

2. Rider. What should be in apartment when you will arrive. Need some special mineral water? A bottle of exclusive wine or some rare exclusive cheese? Special toothpaste, aromatic towels or dinner candles, fresh flowers?

Price: pay per check + 25$ delivery fee

3. Home catering. The schedule and the order of meal for the house for all time of your stay. Most of world meal’s menus available

price: pay per check + 25$ delivery fee

4. “Get me everything” home delivery. From flowers and champagne, event tickets till medicines from a drugstore and exclusive meals

Price: 40$ per hour

5. The personal driver. With a choice of drivers by photo and cars.

Price: from 75$ (Ford Fiesta) to 366$ (BMW 5 series) per 24h

6. The car in rent. Powered by worldwide brands – Hertz and Avis.

Price: from 20$ to 60$ per hour depending on language and time of the day

7. The personal translator to help with negotiations.

Price: 20$ per hour

8. The personal Kyiv guide in case you want to do some local event sightseeing.

Price: 10$ per hour

9. The nurse for children to handle the kids while you’re away

Price: 20$ per day

10. Rent of a mobile phone for communication with the operator

Price: 20$ fee

11. A reservation of tickets back and a transfer in the airport

Price: 5$/day fee

12. Cellphone rental service wich costs 5$ per day. It is already connected to local ukrainian mobile communications operator. Calls to our office are free, but you will have to pay if you want to call to other directions 0.01$-0.06$ per minute within the country

Event Management

  • Sightseeing and excursions
  • Kiev at night. Events after sunset
  • A place where time stands still. Chernobyl tours
  • Yacht Dnieper river tours
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