Can you help me with Visa?

(EU countries, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Japan, Andorra, Vatican, Iceland, Monaco, Norway and San Marino do NOT need a visa if they stay in Ukraine no

longer than 90 days.
We can provide others with official Invitation documents to get visa. For our customers invitations are free.

Requrements For Foreign Citizens To Obtain Visa To Ukraine
Passport must have at least six months remaining validity
Application form fully completed and signed
Passport-type photograph

And we will provide you with this (free for existing customers):
FOR TOURIST: Copy of hotel confirmation or letter of confirmation from tour operator with signature and company stamp
FOR BUSINESS: Letter of invitation from Company or Organization in Ukraine
FOR PRIVATE VISIT: Your friend or relative in Ukraine must obtain an official invitation from the local OVIR (Office of Visas and Registration), and this certificate must be

included with your visa application.

E-mail or call out operators to find out the details…

How do I get reservation discount?

There are two types of discounts on apartment reservation available:
A. Length of stay per order discount – 5% per day for an order longer then 5 days and 10% for an order longer then 10 days
B. Amount of recurring orders discount (only to registered customers) – a constant discount of 3% after third order following by a constant disount of 5% after fifth order.

Please note, that you need to register and reserve an apartment while being logged in to receive an “” discount. It will automatically apply after you third order.
Discount stacking rule: Maximum disount you can receive is capped at 10%.
So in case you’re our customer with 5 oders made in the past and a constant dicount of 5% you can get another 5% from disount “A” depending on your length of stay but not 15%

We are always open for negotiation to serve our clients better. If you have a better vision of what your personal discount should be in case you can offer an interesing order for

us feel free to contact our operators

How do you transfer me to my apartment?

If you have ordered transfer from an the airport – our managing driver meets you with a sign “Diamond apartments” there and takes you to your apartment.

You can order a transfer buy making an order while being logged in to our site or by stating it in the order specification e-mail.
What is order specification e-mail? In case you make a prepayment without registering a manager assigned to you will e-mail you with several questions concerning your visit like

whether you need additional services like transfer or exact arrival time. The answer you supply is called an order specification e-mail. In rare cases we allow our managers to

bother customers with a phonecall, if the matter is urgent

Most of our drivers are english-speaking and can answer most of your questions about the city.

If you deside to go by yourself – a maiden will be waiting for you at a place to give you the keys and show the apartment

Why should I bother with registration?

Registration helps us serve you better! It takes only 5 minutes of your time but gives you and us a unique ability to track your previous orders, needs and wants. Also, it allows

us to have access to your profile anytime, in case we need to urgently contact you. It also allows you to download your photo helping us to identify you in the airport on the day of

your arrival.

The benefits of registration for customers are:
1. Discounts for consecutive orders
2. Access to a more comfortable way to order additional services like transfers
3. Having your personal account page that can help you to track your past orders and expenses

Accomodation policy

Check in and check out times are same as for hotels: 12 am. Final calculation is made upon your check in to the apartment.
You receive one key per apartment, in case you need more – you have to order them by phonecall to our office.
Every third day there is a free cleaning of your apartment. In case you need an extra cleaning you have to call our office.
Laundry service is available. You get clean in the morning if you give it to our maiden in the evening of previous day.
Our technical check is every seventh day. If you wont mind a manager will call you and come to your apartment at time suitable to you to check if everyrything is fine with

consumer electronics, lights etc.
Our customer support service is happy to help you any time from 9 am to 9 pm

Apartment reservation step-by-step

You can easily book any apartment by clicking “Reservation” under apartment`s photo . You will have to pass several steps which differ for registered and new customers.

New customers:
1. Choose your apartment on the apartments page and check if it is available in the date bar to the right. You can see detailed info in the tooltip hovering your mouse over it
2. Click on “Details” button to see detailed apartment info and it`s availability bar. You should notice Buy Now buttons will remain greyed out untill you specify the dates of your

3. Click the day you would like to check in to your apartment first and the day of your checkout second. In case apartment is not yet reserved by another customer “Buy Now”

buttons will become clickable
4. After you click one of the two “Buy Now” buttons you will be redirected to either Paypal or Google Checkout billing page depending on your former choice.

Registered customers:
1. Choose your apartment on the apartments page and check if it is available in the date bar to the right. You can see detailed info in the tooltip hovering your mouse over it
2. Click on “Reservation” if you are not logged in will take you to secure part of site and allow you to register or log in with your account if you have one. Your account is needed

to keep your personal data, track orders and receive disounts.
3. Using the calendar in the bottom of the page specify your departure (first) and arrival date, drag and drop additional services if you need them and click on “Buy now” to

proceed to either Google Checkout or Paypal billing system.
4. If you do not have a Google Checkout account you will be prompted to create one. Same goes for Papal. It will take just a couple of minutes of your time and allow you to make

most purchases over the web. Keep in mind that your card will be billed for amount that equals to one night stay

Keep in mind that your card may be charged in Pounds with a summ equivalent to one stated on the site (as we are a United ingdom company) and you will only be charged for a

reservation fee wich equals to one night apartment stay fee despite the lengh of your stay. The final calculation will be made on your check in date with cash in Kiev.

Please note that we do not see your credit card’s details, we only receive confirmation if your payment, that was redirected from our site, was successful. Our system works

automatically, either Paypal or Google sends us notification when your payment is successful and your reservation’s date toggle red on apartment availability bar. Shortly our

manager will contact you about the details of your arrival by mail or phone. To get acquainted with other forms of apartment reservation please see our Accomodation Policy in the

Information section of the site

Internet connection feauture in apartments

Every apartment we have has either of following internet connection options:
Dedicated line: 8-32 Mbps
3G\CDMA USB modem: up to 3 Mbps
Local network with internet access: up to 2 Mbps
WiFi area coverage: up to 3 Mbps

Please note that despite in the features list on apartments page internet is listed every where that doesn’t mean it is available to you all the time. Please refer to our apartments

feature guide for more clear undestanding of how this system
works. To have it available you have to order it by phone or e-mail. This is a security measure to control traffic leaks.

Depending on the connection option you will either have it for free or will have to pay per 100 Mb downloaded. Our manager will notify you about that or you can check the

services page on our site

Customer specific apartment features

Striving for excelence in customer care and deep fulfillment ofour customer’s demands we can offer even more then the apartment you have chosen already has.

Would you like a hot supper from a restaurant served by your arrival?
Need to get your mail sent or money changed to ukrainian local currency?
Maybe flowers for your beautiful companion or a bottle of exclusive wine?
Local cellphone connection for calls in Ukraine?

Just let our managers know or check the services section of our site

Event Management

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  • Kiev at night. Events after sunset
  • A place where time stands still. Chernobyl tours
  • Yacht Dnieper river tours
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